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<div style="display: none;">5800</div> pack of two ,heavy-duty terry towelling nappy (diaper) square  1meter X 1meter

pack of two ,heavy-duty terry towelling nappy (diaper) square 1meter X 1meter


Pack of two

Adult size white toweling nappies (diapers)

approximately 39inches by 39inches

heavier weight at 440 grams per square meter


These white toweling nappy squares are an adult size version of the type of nappy babies commonly worn up to the coming of the disposables in the 1970's.  100% cotton and machine washable they are extremely absorbent and comfortable.


these nappies are rather heavier to toweling compared to my previous listing as shown on the left below


Depending on how they are folded these nappies will fit up to a 42inch waist size.

Every 2 nappy pack is supplied with 4 white-headed nappy pins and illustrated instruction sheets of several different folding methods.

 It is advised that you wash the nappy before use

Toweling nappies need to be worn with plastic pants or other waterproof covering

Please see other items I am selling or contact me

All items are sent in plain packaging, and are marked as Novelty goods on the customs declaration. (if outside Europe)   

Discretion and privacy are most important to me.


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